24 Expecting Mothers Of The Animal Kingdom That You Will Love To Look At

As a female, there is no greater gift you can give to your species than life. A woman, wife or mother when pregnant is a beautiful thing. They are happy with the new life growing inside of them. Animals too are just as proud and protective when they are pregnant. Sometimes these soon-to-be moms from the animal kingdom don’t look very impressed about their current size, but they all look absolutely adorable.

Here at Aubtu, we’ve collected pictures of animals look before giving birth. Scroll down to enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends and your family!

#1. When you look cute but don’t feel cute.

#2. I am so ready for this baby to be born NOW.

#3. Just left the bathroom and have to pee again…

#4. Yeah, go ahead and touch my belly one more time.

#5. I’m sure my cat doesn’t like me any more.

#6. We paid for partner coached childbirth.

#7. Tired. Just tired.

#8. Hello, fatties.

#9. I am glowing. Literally.

#10. Yes, I’m pregnant too.

#11. Get pregnant, they said, you’ll look pretty, they said.

#12. Ask if the baby is here yet one more time…

#13. To pee or not to pee, that’s not a question.

#14. Waistline? What waistline?

#15. Help!!! I sat down and now I can’t get up.

#16. I was told there would be glowing.

#17. Eating for 2 — that’s rule #1.

#18. Everything becomes mission impossible.

#19. Believe it or not, snakes can be pregnant too.

#20. No, I am not obese.

#21. The baby is definitely very warm under this coat.

#22. An elephant’s pregnancy lasts 95 weeks. You’ve got to be kidding me.

#23. No, you absolutely cannot poke it.

#24. What are you looking at?

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