A neighbor makes him invalid and his master decides to abandon him in a ditch,

When you really love someone you will be by their side in all circumstances, not only in happy moments but in the hardest battles. This applies to all types of relationships, writes fancy4work

However, there are those who do not know what it is to love without conditions, especially when it comes to their pets. Many animals are victims of the abandonment and neglect of the cruelest.

In such a way it happened to this white puppy, left aside by his own family.

The first years of this little creature’s life were hunky-dory, his human father loved him for how beautiful and well-behaved he was.

The furry adored all the members of his family and was always faithful to them, however the love that united them was put to the test when he suffered one of the most terrible abuses.

On a game day, the little animal sneaked into a neighbor’s backyard and this subject gave him a “lesson” that marked him forever, leaving the poor dog with a fracture in his spine.

When the owner found out, far from being indignant and defending him, he decided to get rid of him.

In this case there was no complaint, for the family it was easier to leave the puppy abandoned in a ditch, rather than fight by his side to get ahead and defend him for the mistreatment he suffered.

Fortunately, this creature did not lack an angel to rescue him.

A woman found him abandoned and recognized him, she was so moved by the situation that she decided to rescue him.

She wouldn’t be as evil as those humans the little animal had run into, so she immediately took him home.Once at home, he bathed and fed him.

Already in the place, the furry knew that he was safe and “began to wag his tail,” according to the rescuer.
The poor thing was so sore that he couldn’t move, the injury to his spine had left him an invalid and she knew she had to take him to a specialist if she wanted to save him.

The puppy received the necessary medical attention.This woman had the will to fight with the furry one at her side and for months the little animal was subjected to arduous therapies. Her rehabilitation was not easy, but with enough love the creature smiled at life again.

The woman who found this furry did not sit idly by and to help the animal decided to contact Animal STEP, an organization in defense of animal rights, which guided her throughout the process. They have also witnessed the recovery of this furry and they were the ones who made their case public on social networks.

No dog deserves to suffer like this, raise your voice against abuse and share this case that fortunately had a happy ending.

Source: fancy4work.com