A Puppy Waits Every Day at the Beach for His Owner who is Never Going to Return

The beach in Punta Negra, Peru, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit, a small coastal community in the heart of the country. Just like any other famous and beautiful scenic spots, it has its popular stories that warm everyone’s hearts. A story went viral of a puppy frequenting the beach when Jolie Mejía and her family visited Punta Negra, a place near her home, to enjoy the view of the sunset. On a beachfront with a spectacular view of the sea and a rocky coast, where she met the loyal protagonist of the most famous stories in the area.

Settling down on the beachfront with her family to enjoy the beautiful sight, Jolie felt the cool breeze brush her face. After a few minutes, Jolie noticed a puppy suddenly appear and sat down on the sand. She assumed that the puppy was there to enjoy the sunset as well. The dog, whose name is Vaguito, approached the family, and they noticed that although he was alone, he did not look like a stray. Jolie caressed him and looked around to find his owner. Minutes passed, and nobody claimed the dog.

“He didn’t seem abandoned. He wore a ribbon around his neck, and his fur was clean.”

Vaguito is receptive to human touches though he does not express any visible emotion. The family observed that although Vaguito was looking out into the sea, he had a lonely look in his eyes, and sadness invaded him. Jolie assumed that the reason he kept looking at the sea is that he was waiting for someone to arrive. Then she learned from locals who passed by that Vaguito’s owner was a fisherman who passed away a long time ago.

Jolie and her family suddenly thought of adopting Vaguito, believing that he may have been abandoned. A man passed by, and Jolie asked if he knew the puppy. It was then that they learned of his name and his story.

“He explained that practically everyone in the area knows the dog and is very fond of him,”Jolie said.“He told us that the owner of the dog was a fisherman who passed away a long time ago and that the dog comes every day to the beach and looks at the sea.”

The loyal puppy has been waiting for his owner, who he did not know will never come back. Jolie assumed that his owner passed about a year ago, and the dog believed that he would still come back one day, unknowing that he passed away. Since then, Vaguito goes to the beachfront every day to wait for his owner while staring out to sea.

Without missing a day, Vaguito visits the beach, waiting for his owner to arrive. After learning about the death of his owner, the locals came together and took care of Vaguito. The dog spends most of the day staring out to sea until it got dark.

Many people in the area have shown him love and care through small gestures. They give him food and drink, bathe him, and provided medical attention when he needed it. A veterinarian in Punta Negra claimed that a woman who lives near the beach welcomes the pup into her home when he needed shelter.

Jolie and her family were touched by Vaguito’s story. When it was time for them to leave at the end of the day, they said their goodbyes to the pup, who, despite responding to their touches and small conversations with him, continued to stare out into the open sea.

The heartwarming story of Vaguito’s love and loyalty to his owner will always be remembered by Jolie, who is a dog-lover, and will never forget her short but meaningful experience with the pup.

“I have a dog at home. I love dogs in general. His story really touched my heart.” Jolie said.

Without a doubt, a dog is a man’s best friend. They are forever loyal to their owners, who, in return, give them all the love and affection they deserve. Vaguito lost the one person who gave him unconditional love and attention, but he holds the love of the locals nearby, who provides for him every day and makes him happy.

Pets suffer from the loss of someone they love. We should not underestimate their sadness and provide them the love and attention they deserve. In return, we may earn their trust.

Images credits: © Jolie Mejía