Babae, nasaksak ang sariling mata habang nag kikilay! Alamin dito!

Are you one of the skillful ladies who can do their make up at any give time of the day, at basically anywhere? May it be on the dark corner of the crowded room, walking, or inside a vehicle while on the way on your meeting. If yes, maybe this story might give you a gentle reminder that despite of being used on multi tasking, you really got to be careful all times.

This certain unfortunate lady from Bangkok, Thailand experienced the worst kind of twist of events from the thing that is made to make her feel more comfortable and beautiful.

Little did she know that the eyebrow pencil she was using the exact moment she was riding a taxi while on her way home is going to ruin her face for the rest of her life.

Apparently, while she was applying some colors on her brows, the taxi accidentally crushed on a pick up truck that caused its front to get totally broken.

Due to this, a massive force from the accident cause another tragedy on the back seat, where the lady stabbed her eye by the pencil and got stuck inside for almost half of its length.

She was immediately rushed to the Hospital and underwent an operation. Fortunately, according to the doctors,she is now doing good and her condition was not too critical as the pencil got stuck on the white part of her eye. (sclera)

The pencil was successfully removed and the lady is now doing okay.

As for the taxi driver, he is also safe from the accident aside from the several injuries he got.

Are you one of the ladies who do their make up while inside a moving car? May this be a lesson for you to always be aware of your surroundings and choose the safest thing to apply on the delicate parts of your face, especially if the car is speeding. What can you say about this story?

SOURCE: mostrendingph