Dragging His Shabby Body on The Street, He Became The Joke of The People in The Village

What is this ! Spine ! what awaits him there !! a million questions, not asingle answer, writes androdass So sad ! no strength left , not even tears . every day look into hopeful eyes and understand that we are offending him.

he has shot in the back, the bullets were still on his back … who the hell had cut off his life like this ?? everything will be okey , you will get better , we are with you .

Kaplan is named after the place where hes was found. Kaplan has a long process ahead of him. He will undergo a lot of surgery .

Kaplan in is therapy. Hopefully he will be able to walk again. Now he is livinga new life , this wonderful dog is enjoying his life . The boy is very happy and cheerful. he gave us a big smile.

Sincere, Kind gentle. Smile of joy and true hapiness .