Isang OFW na tinaya ang huling pera matapos mawalan ng trabaho, ngunit hindi niya inasahan ang mgasumunod na nangyari!

For some people who had been deprived with privilege and opportunities, playing lottery is another way of seeking a twist from fate that might change their lives forever.

Lottery or Lotto is a form of gambling that involves drawing number for a price. It mostly similar to bingo, another form of gambling that the only mechanic is for you to completely cross out the word B I N G O every time the announcer gives a letter and a number.

But unlike bingo. Lotto involves a huge amount of prize. And when I say huge, we are talking millions of money in here.

Just recently, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Abu Dhabi won a lotto jackpot prize on United Arab Emirates. Remedios Bombon is a house keeper and a bus attendant who unfortunately lost her job due to COVID19 pandemic.

Desperate and hopeless, Remedios decided to give her remaining AED50 a wishful go at the lottery and little did she know, it will change her life forever. Bombon was beyond ecstatic when she found out she was the lucky winner of AED 333.333 or almost
4.5 Million Pesos!

Emotional but of course, thankful, the Filipina said she will use the money to regain her self and buy a house she always wanted to have.

She will also use the money to help her other relatives nd invest on a business that will help her sustain her funds.
On an interview with Emirates Lotto via Youtube, she recalled the past 7 years she spent on the foreign country hoping to find a better life.

She said she started working first as a housemaid and endured everything she went through for the sake of her three children and husband who is suffering from stroke.

Now that she have all the money, we wish her to use it wisely and take good care of her once in a lifetime blessing!

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