Kind Restaurant Boss Cooks Hot Meal For Every Stray Dog Who Ordered the Food

Οrtiz is a kind restaurant owner in Peru who sells delicious BBQ meats to customers.

It was a slow day five years ago and one very special customer came to his restaurant and ordered some food.   The ‘customer’ was actually a hungry stray dog.

Οrtiz couldn’t turn the dog away and he made the best decision.  Since his business was not busy, he decided to cook a hot meal for the dog.

Οrtiz’s kindness was spread by this first dog customer and it didn’t get too long for all other pups to know about this great news.

More and more dog customers visited Οrtiz’s shop and ordered some hot BBQ meats.

Οrtiz was very surprised that he had become popular in town with his kindness and all the pups know him now.

“For me, they are the best customers,” Οrtiz told The Dοdο.

Οrtiz said the dogs actually ‘pay’ for their food, not by cash, but by wagging their tails to say thank you,

We want to say a big Thank You to Οrtiz too for his kindness to provide delicious hot meals to all the dogs.  We wish you good business and can support the dogs for long time.