Kitten Abandoned For Having Different Colored Eyes And Extra Toes Is Very Happy Now

A cute kitty that was abandoned due to her extra toes and other health concerns has happily become a new social media sensation. She was born in New York City, a gorgeous ball of white fur with an unusual disease that led her to have different colored eyes and extra toes on her paws.Sansa, a six-year-old kitten, was found abandoned by personnel at the city’s animal rescue facility earlier this year.

Karen, Sansa’s new mother, told the Daily Mail:“Many people have commented how much they like Sansa’s individuality, with her distinct colored eyes and additional fingers.”

Karen, a 33-year-old animal lover, works for a well-known healthcare expert in town. She is generally committed to assisting people with major medical issues and illnesses, so she recognizes when someone need extra care.The woman says she didn’t adopt Sansa because of her unusual characteristics, but because she wanted to spare her from being imprisoned in a cat cage. Karen and her husband met Sansa during a rescue center’s cat adoption event in New York City. Despite the fact that there were many gorgeous and friendly animals, the woman’s gaze was drawn to a cage containing a cat named Snow. The cage appeared to be empty at first look, with just a note indicating that the cat inside was suffering from anxiety and had been abandoned by her owners.

When Karen approached the cage, she found it was not empty; the occupant of this location was hiding beneath the bed.

Karen stated:

“I had an instant connection with her since I suffer from anxiety, and I knew I wanted her to be a part of our family before I even met her. Imagine my amazement when I saw she had multicolored eyes and additional fingers.” The mother brought Snow, now called Sansa, home two days later, and despite this, the cat took a long time to warm up. She was really shy; she was usually afraid and would hide behind the TV whenever she opened the door, she only went out to eat.

Sansa was eventually revealed to have feline hyperesthesia condition, an uncommon ailment that affects neurotic or severely disturbed cats.

For the time being, the gorgeous kitty will continue to enjoy her new life with her beloved family, modeling her unique distinctions to her admirers.