Matapos ang 30 taon, Alice Dixson binahagi na ang kwento sa likod ng “taong ahas” sa Robinsons

After nearly 3 decades, actress and brand endorser Alice Dixson finally broke her silence about Robinsons Galleria’s haunted story that never gets old, the story about the human snake.

According to some reports, The Gokongwei family– the owner of Robinsons malls have a half-human half-snake pet that they keep under the depths of Robinsons Galleria, the largest Robinsons branch in Metro Manila.

It is said to be hid specifically under the lades’ room, where he traps any woman that catches his attention and eats her alive.

Meanwhile on some stories, the human snake is said to be the twin brother of Robina Gokongwei, a daughter of the mall’s owner, tycoon John Gokongwei.

On Alice’s Instagram account, she finally addressed the issue and told her fans to wait for her upcoming video to be uploaded on her Youtube channel.

“Mahal kong kababayans…

“…hindi ko gustong buhayin ang chismis; that is the farthest from my intention. Nais ko lng linawin ang mga naganap sa Robinson’s Galleria nun dalaga pa ako.

“I made promise to a dear friend – I said I would tell my side of the story this year at dahil 30 year anniversary na this month, it is NOW time.” the actress wrote.

“Yes, 3 decades na!
“And I’ve never said a word or explained my side.” she added.

Alice continued, “Kaya if you are one of the many na gusto nyo malaman ang totoo, panoorin nyo etong kuento ko sa akin YouTube channel ? very soon.”

Alice was said to be one of the victims of the human snake and apparently managed to escape. In order to avoid any controversies, the Gokongwei family allegedly paid Alice Dixson millions just to keep her silence.

Not until now.

What made Alice finally talk about the issue?

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