The unusual reaction of a puppy when his mother tries to remove him from his favorite pacifier

Anyone who has a puppy at home knows that these beautiful furry ones are like a member of the family. They, with their infinite love and loyalty, occupy a special place in our hearts, being treated even as one more son, writes fancy4work

Pampering them is one of the favorite things of every pet owner , of course, receiving all that love accompanied by delicious treats is something that puppies enjoy.

The pacifier has become the favorite toy of our furry protagonist.

Toys, delicious cookies and unconditional love are just some of the things that furry ones enjoy that make them feel more than special.

The love for our pet can be so overwhelming that some owners even dress them up and buy them dog strollers to take them for a walk. It would not be by chance that the puppies were confused and act like babies .
Having the pacifier in his mouth has become a favorite habit

If you still doubt it, we present you an adorable puppy that is conquering the networks after discovering a baby pacifier that has become his most precious object.
Max is a mischievous and spoiled Golden Retriever who has realized that having a pacifier in his mouth is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Seeing him enjoy something so simple and what makes him so happy will melt your heart.

Although finding this valuable treasure is very pleasurable for Max, its owner wants him to give it up . She, with sweet words and trying to persuade him while he caresses him, tries to remove the pacifier, but Max seems to be much more cunning and refuses to give it back .

Despite the fact that his favorite person insists for a long time, the adorable puppy always remains calm and subtly pushes his mother away using one of his paws .

The puppy has become a celebrity on the networks.
In the video you can see the sweet Max defending his precious treasure while his owner repeats on several occasions:

Oh Max! Please return it! Give mommy back the pinky. Max please! Please let’s go!”

But lovable Max refuses to let go of his precious pacifier as he looks at his mother as if to say, ‘no, mom. I found it and it belongs to me.

The attempt to confiscate Max’s pacifier is a failure, Max ends up winning and continues to enjoy his little treasure .

Sweetly Max defends what belongs to him while conquering hearts. Let’s make it possible for more people to melt at such tenderness and share the note on your networks.