This Feral Kitten Already Missed The Socialization Window, But Rescuers Promised Not To Give Up On Him

Remember the charming Mila and her two lovely sons Sonny and Sal? This is what happened to the last piece of the gang and it’s definitely worth your attention. Meet Giorgio, a young feral tabby who went through an incredible journey to become the happiest cat on Earth.

Flatbush Cats’ founder Will Zweigart and his volunteers found Giorgio just a few weeks after they rescued Sonny and Sal, but maybe a few weeks were enough to decide his fate. Giorgio already missed the socialization window and they had no idea whether they could give him a better life like they did with his siblings.

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“It’s hard to see kittens who are just a few months old knowing we possibly got to them too late,” Will said. “Trapping is the easy part, the difficult decision comes later.”

Since they were just a small group back then with limited resources and plenty of unfixed cats in different colonies to care about, they couldn’t do much to help Giorgio, and that fact broke their hearts somehow.

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“Because this was our first year volunteering, we didn’t have many fosters and we didn’t have any more space to takes in new cats, especially older kittens who would require hours of socialization time every day,” he continued. “Even though we are doing our best, it still haunted me. I felt terrible, just wishing I had gotten to him a few weeks earlier.”

So after getting him neutered, they released Giorgio back outside with other feral cats in their TNR project. However, they were still unsure about whether they were doing the right thing, so they promised the little cat to keep checking up on him.

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Will came back to Giorgio’s colony himself each day to feed the cat and to the rescuer’s relief, Giorgio gradually became much friendlier after each of his visits. As soon as he realized Giorgio had potential, Will trapped him once again and brought him home.

Thankfully, Giorgio managed to adapt to his new indoor life quite fast. Not long afterward, he was ready to go to his foster family.

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Giorgio turned out to be a lively cat who truly loved humans and was really sweet around other cats too. The lucky boy later was adopted by his foster parents themselves, and he also got a younger feline bro who was a rescue kitten just like him – Peanut. They had become purrfect playmates who take good care of each other ever since.

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Of course, Will was the happiest one about this outcome.

“It’s amazing to think about how far Giorgio has come and what a great life he has now with his own loving family,” he said.

Watch Giorgio’s pawsome journey here:

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