This Rescued King Penguin Loved Going To The Fish Market So Much That His Family Taught Him How To Buy Fish On His Own

While there are so many people who find penguins absolutely adorable, given the right circumstances, few of us would dare to keep them as pets. However, once the opportunity arose, this Japanese family didn’t shy away from keeping one in their home, making it probably one of the most peculiar pets people have ever seen, writes pintiks

In fact, it was so rare back in the day, that journalists from around the world were trying to get in touch with the family and interview them. In the ’90s, Real TV managed to make a short documentary about the penguin in question, who is named Lala and lives in a small Japanese village.
Meet Lala – an adorable King penguin who was living for years with a Japanese family

Clearly, it must have been quite a sight for villagers seeing the penguin wandering around with his tiny backpack!

Well, apparently, the poor penguin was caught and injured in a fishing net. The family took Lala in and nurtured him back to health.

By that time, the penguin had gotten too attached to the family and didn’t want to leave them, so the decision was made to keep him and to make sure he would have a comfortable life in conditions that are unusual to penguins. Sadly, Lala has already passed away but the memory of him is still alive today.